Dev Diary #15

Hi there, it's time for another dev diary. 

After removing the resource system for the 3rd or 4th time, finally, I have hopefully, come up with a satisfactory system to represent resources. This new system is called 'goods'.

Basically, there are certain elements that make up a good, such as iron or something like that. Those are usually found in deposits called 'strata', where they would be found with other resources. The 'strata' has the same system as the old resource system, with an X and Y position, and a radius. What is new is a depth, which should play a role in the future. These strata usually have some other resource that you have to purify. (That should be added later) The strata also have names, though you can't customize them yet. There is still some balancing needed to figure out how many strata a planet should have.

Resources are now found in the form of their ores. So far, there are only two ores, for iron only, Hematite and Magnetite. To turn it into iron, you would have to make a factory that carries out a process. A process is a scriptable system for one object to become another. Then, there will have a process that can transmute things into steel with carbon (in the form of graphite).

This should be the last largest thing for the next update, the rest will be mostly UI, code maintenance, and more content.

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