Conquer Space 0.0.2

Conquer Space 0.0.2 is finally out!


Total Overhauls:
Resources are changed into goods, that can be processed into different resources
Mining is changed into strata, that are similar to veins, just that they have multiple resources
Factories now generate goods

Now, resources are gonna be generated using population and jobs. 
For now, jobs generate resources, and all that you need, but when we get to government types and the like, we'll allow for taxes, and remove the ability to generate your own resources, depending on your government type. You can then use the taxes you levy to buy all kinds of stuff.

Add shadows to planets, and a star map
Add 2 new display images

Add console to see logs without the need to open files up
Bug Fixes:
Pressing the console button twice will not lead to an exception

Files 21 MB
Mar 22, 2020
Source mappings, if you need them 147 kB
Mar 22, 2020

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