Released 0.0.3

This one took some time, because I overhauled a lot of stuff.


Total Overhauls:

Removed district systems, replaced with cities being defined by a series of points, 
- probably better for performance
- better for code
- better for understanding
As a result, areas generate resources too
Removed population units, Change to population segment system
Removed satellites, changed it with space ships

Change java version from 1.12 to 1.8 for compatability
Game runs in the main thread
Change how the game handles objects to references to game objects
Add identifiers to resource and production processes
You can use the command line options -t to see the tools available, and the option -d to a debug mode which opens up the game faster, with a default seed.
Added save files

Graphics and UI:
Add lighting to planet surfaces so it looks cooler
More accurate orbit circles, now even eccentric orbit circles can be shown, such as an ellipse
Better music options
 - Volume can now be changed
 - Music can be toggled better
Available job list
Add constructing areas UI to cities
Add ticker to see the difference of resources over time
Remove satellites, replace with ships that cannot move
Overhauled planet GUI, so it looks neater
Change star map to procedually generated

All buildings are resource storages now
Planet sizes and width changed
Areas now generate resources, not populations
Cities now distribute resources to surrounding areas
Added organizations, which are capable of doing various actions
 - Added resource distribution organization, which distributes resources throughout the planet.


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Oct 17, 2020

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