Dev Diary #2

Conquer Space has been going quite well. After a refractor, we are ready for a(nother) run at vision. We had to backtrack for a little while because we realized that the system we were using to sort vision was quite confusing and broken. 

This is how vision will work. There are different degrees of vision, each allowing you to see different levels of things in the system, though we may consider revamping the vision of resources. You will probably have to scan the star system with a proper science ship for you to be able to see the resources. 

Anyway, vision will be projected from telescopes and observatories, each with different range. They may also provide a science bonus to certain fields too. The degree of vision will be increased based on the amount of observatories and range of vision. The degree of vision stacks. As the distance from the telescope gets further, the quality of the vision decreases.

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