First release

Conquer Space is finally out, not like anyone is gonna see this...

Here is the content of the README:

5 May 2019
Nothing much in this game.
You can generate the universe.
You can create a ship hull, and a ship class, and launch ships.
You have to click the ship, then select it, then let it move. Needs to be smoother.
You can research.
You can build satellites, and launch them. 
You need to research the required tech though,
Either flight or rocket science, will lead up to space planes or rocketry.
Then you can right click on a planet sector to build and launch.

Youtube video of an earlier build:

A lot of the things are still up to date though, just that there are no ships.

So, uhhhh yeah, have fun and get bored!

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May 05, 2019

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