Roadmap for 0.0.1

Here is the rough idea we are going for for the next update:

  • Resources
    • Resource Stores
    • Resource Gathering
    • Compiling the amount of resources you have in your empire
  • Ships
    • Ship components
      • Science Components
    • Proper engines and propulsion
  • Science
    • Allow recruiting of scientists
    • Better science advancement
    • UI improvements to researching and things like that, so that we can see who is researching what
  • UI improvements

    • Reduce the number of windows needed to open (a more one window format)
    • Add code to update information
    • More tables and sorting
    • Allow for just one window for all the launch ports on a planet, so it is easier

  • Name Generation
  • Save games (maybe not loading)
  • Reducing the size of binaries and dependencies
  • Better error handling

Hopefully, we can finish all of this by August, however with my procrastination, probably by December

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