Dev Diary #6

I am almost finished with the third UI iteration. It should be finished any time between these two days. Maybe we could release it. Still has bugs, especially in the universe generation part, which is the most annoying. So bear with it. I'll try fixing them.

I have re-added buildings. They are now defined as one point.

The colors of the buildings stay pretty much the same. So what you can see, are residential zones where your population chills. We may add cities in the future.  

The building menu looks like that, 

As you can see, the green box is where the building is gonna be built, and you can select the location where it is placed. So yeah, no more right clicking and stuff. May be a bad thing, but i may fix it in the future. 

Added the functionality of the spaceport menu. 

Now, you don't need to right click the planet sector, and go through the fancy actions to open up the sector, and all that fancy things. Reduces the need for any windows.

Re positioned the ships menu to the main window, so it is not so confusing.

Finally, just for fun, I added a song. It is twinkle twinkle little star, but it gets repetitive after a while. So time to fix it later!

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