Dev Diary #7

I finished work on a name generator. Here's a sample:

Female names: 

 - Lonnie Cronin
 - Lashandra Swift
 - Rene Ullrich

Male names: 

 - Joey McLaughlin
 - Max Nicolas
 - Santos Labadie

You can write your own name generator if you want. The technical details will be discussed on the release notes of a release.  

I may add an alien name generator. Maybe a fantasy one. 

Finished up buildings, and added resource mining and storing. No need for resources just yet so far. 

The name generator was in preparation for the person recruiter, and assignment. There will have only scientists, so nothing interesting there. But, they will have their own names, not the generic `person`. You can also assign the people jobs and things like that.

Then, I will upgrade the science interface, so that looks better, and you can assign scientists to do various things, also add science components to ships. Ships will later feature propulsion, and perhaps life support. So many techs to add!

After that, I will reduce memory costs, and make it more efficient, also introduce a rudimentary save file system. At least capable of saving and loading. 

Shoutout to <Nirekin Inc.> for composing 3 songs! These will come out in the next update. Hopefully we get a music playing system up and ready.

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