Dev Diary #8

I finished work on a music track system. It will play random songs throughout the entire game. I may add an option to stop it though. You can listen to our ever growing (5 songs for now) song library. 

Worked on the scientist interface, and recruiting people. It looks like this when researching:

As you can see, you can assign a researcher a research job. 

when showing the currently researching techs. You can now see all the techs being researched, and by who.

For the list of people in your empire and finally, 

When you need to recruit a person. 

You can see the stats, and the age of the Scientist. The stats help in research speed, but the age, well, does not do anything for now.

Optimized memory. Conquer Space now uses 25 to 40 mb compared to  600mb+ when loading a small universe, and 60-70mb compared to 1GB+ when loading a big universe. Well, I'm sorry for using extremely inefficient code when making this, but I was lazy, and I did not think of this. Looks like the sound library I use is fast enough! Uses like 60ms to load a large map, and 0.5 ms to load a smaller one. This was even better than the planet sector era, where we had planet sectors instead of buildings. 

Universe generation loads about 5-10 times faster too. Maybe more. No joke. 

Currently working on propulsion and engines. Me being me, has overcomplicated it again. It is now a mess of research things and chains. In short, there are multiple types of propulsion, each with different efficiency. That will be balanced(according to real life, of course). They contribute to acceleration, in meters/second. That will be multiplied to hours in ticks, and will be further sorted out. I probably have to sort some more tick code in order for ships to move smoother!

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