Release 0.0.1

Just get the game. 

Any code below 0.1 will be a prototype and in heavy indev mode, so first, it will be unplayable or barely playable, secondly, many things can change, and third, buggy.
I will try to fix as much bugs as I can. If you can, ping me on the discord channel, give me what it is, what you did before, and if there is one, a crashlog.

If the UI does not update, changing tabs may help, or reselecting your thing. Point it out regardless, because I probally missed it. Thanks in advance! :)

Youtube video:

(it is a build early, and has one or two bugs, but I fixed what I saw.)
Discord Channel:

Shoutout to Nirekin Inc. for the music! He's in the credits, and that's where you find his info!


Massive changes:
We removed the planet sector system, and replaced it with terrain.
Buildings have been shaken up also
Planets now have terrain, and more feasible sizes. (like wide and shorter)

New Stuff:
Added Music.
There are a few tracks(7 to be exact).
You can add your own music by using the json format. Remember, the length of the music is in seconds.
You can also turn it off in the options.

Added a couple other actions you can do. 
You can now orbit planets, and survey them. (with survey ships)

Ship engines now work. They emit thrust, and affects the speed of the ship.

You can queue actions to go places. 

Put name generator, and one name list.
Add recruitable scientists with different skills. It is free to recruit them. For now.

Add planet names

Resource storages and miners.

Add population

UI improvements:
UI is now in one window.
We made it so that you can load the various things from the lists. 
There are also a couple other UI bugfixes and glitch fixes. 
Zooming now does not make things funky and weird.

Made the Scientist tab better to see what researcher is researching what.

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Jul 14, 2019

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