0.0.2 Roadmap

0.0.1 populated the galaxy, so I'm thinking, in 0.0.2, I will make a living galaxy.

This update may be bigger than the last, because the last one involved ripping out a huge amount of stuff. Hopefully I can get it ready around December, but that is just an arbitrary date so I don't procrastinate too much. Don't take it word for word.

So, I will add: Species, traits, culture, etc.

Add more buildings to start out with, default buildings.

More resources and better distribution

Events, like first spaceship, first things, etc.

More people type, like rulers and governors.

Science labs

Start work on AI

Actually consume resources when doing stuff.

Better UI, like always, so that you can do everything.

So that instead of designing your own ship, you can just order: I want a large ship that can go XXX speed, with these components, and has whatever purpose. No need to make all the hulls and stuff, (though you can still make them if you insist)

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