Dev Diary #11


I have added fields when I created science. But, it was not really visible, and if you did notice it, it's okay. I did not do any UI for it, and unless you took a look at the game files, you would not have seen it. 

Well, I'll explain what it is. In science you have different fields, and I kinda implemented it here.

Fields will be the way science works here. When you receive science, you get it in the various fields. (about 30~35 of them). They help the research for the various sciences which have the field in it. Different scientists have preferences in different fields, but that won't be implemented for some time. Here's an image of what the starting tech tree looks like:

It looks quite big in full, and quite messy. I'll fix that in the future.

I'm also working on the starting techs, so that you have techs to start off with, instead of researching everything from the start. That may take a day or two. Then, I'll continue to work on proper science, like labs and stuff, and at the same time add industry and a proper economy.(Resources!) 

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