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Conquer Space is a 4X/Grand strategy game in active development. You can start off on a small planet as a new space faring civilization, or take control of a massive empire, or even control over a corporation that mines comets.

We would like to simulate to an extent what an interplanetary, and interstellar empire would have to experience, with populations magnitudes of scale larger than what earth has now, political infighting and crises, logistics trains throughout star systems, wars involving billions of beings, and unimaginable technologies that change lives throughout the galaxy.


Conquer Space will provide detail at an unprecedented scale. Each planet will be dotted with cities, and each city will have their own economy and allegiance. Primary, secondary, and tertiary goods will be shipped around and traded in your economy to create the consumer goods and military fleets that your empire needs. You will have to create logistics chains to keep your empire economically healthy.

Play as anything

Conquer Space will be a sandbox, where you can play as any organization: a government trying to lead their people to prosperity, a political party gaining control of the government, a corporation making money, or a band of pirates creating a small empire of their own, are all options you will be able to play as.

Incomplete control

The galaxy is vast and full of people who have goals and aspirations of their own. You will have to determine what schemes they have, if they mean for you to fail or succeed, and whether you can use them to your advantage. 

No empire lasts forever, and this will be reflected in Conquer Space. Empires can be toppled due to a variety of reasons, like corruption, political infighting, or other empires. It will be hard to survive with the same regime over thousands of years.

 The UI is quite hard to understand, but we hope to make it easier in the future.

Here is an incomplete list of what we plan to add: https://github.com/EhWhoAmI/Conquer-Space/projects/12

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/skVDrFH

Code: https://github.com/EhWhoAmI/Conquer-Space/

Install instructions

You need Java to run this. If you don't just go ahead and get it, for free at https://www.java.com/en/download/.

You can double click `runCQSP.bat` on your computer or the jar file to run, or else, the command `java -jar Conquer-Space.jar`. 


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