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Conquer Space

4X Space Real time pauseable strategy · By EhWhoAmI


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Released 0.0.3 This one took some time, because I overhauled a lot of stuff. Changelog: Total Overhauls: Removed district systems, replaced with cities being de...
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Roadmap for 0.0.3
Here are the stuff planned for 0.0.3. After 0.0.3, we can hopefully go on to 0.1.0, as the core of the game is finished, and we just need to add more features...
Conquer Space 0.0.2
Conquer Space 0.0.2 is finally out! Changelog: 0.0.2: Total Overhauls: Resources are changed into goods, that can be processed into different resources Mining i...
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0.0.2 Release Candidate 1
Conquer Space 0.0.2 rc-1 This is just a beta release to test out the new release, and how to release stuff. It has been some time I released things, so I wanted...
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Dev Diary #15
Hi there, it's time for another dev diary. After removing the resource system for the 3rd or 4th time, finally, I have hopefully, come up with a satisfactory s...
Dev Diary #14
After a hiatus dev diaries over Christmas (and probably much longer than that), I'm back, very much alive, and in one piece. I'll like to talk about the new UI...
0.0.2 snapshot 1
A general snapshot, just to keep me developing. Main selling point for this snapshot is the better graphics, and jobs. Jobs are programmed extremely inefficient...
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Dev Diary #13
It has been some time since the last dev diary. Well, here, I'll detail some of the changes I made since the last dev diary! First, populations now consume foo...
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Just wanted to note this is still getting worked on if someone sees this while browsing Itch, if you want to talk to the...
started by warerer Apr 06, 2022
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Downloaded and installed java on mac. When I open it it says The Java JAR file “Conquer-Space.jar” could not be laun...
started by ghpl Jun 28, 2021
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Game looks good, however my pc is too potato for running WINE emulator
started by SuperLeaf 1995 May 28, 2020
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